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Graduate School of Applied Informatics, University of Hyogo
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Application Guideline for 2015
 Please click here for details on the application guidelines for the academic year 2015.
 Application Guidelines (PDF)
 Contact email address: or

[  MSIT-IS Program, having been conducted at Carnegie Mellon CyLab Japan, was moved to the Dual-Degree Program between the Graduate School of Applied Informatics, University of Hyogo and Carnegie Mellon University in 2011. ]
Admission (Application Guideline for 2015)
  Master’s Course, The Graduate School of Applied Informatics, University of Hyogo
MSIT-IS (Master of Science in Information Technology — Information Security), Carnegie Mellon University
  Master of Applied Informatics (University of Hyogo)
MSIT-IS (Master of Science in Information Technology-Information Security) (Carnegie Mellon University)
Course Duration
  Two years
Course Location (Schedule for students entering in April, 2015)
April — December, 2015 Graduate School of Applied Informatics, University of Hyogo (Kobe, Japan)
January — December, 2016 Carnegie Mellon University (US)
January — March, 2017 Graduate School of Applied Informatics, University of Hyogo (Kobe, Japan)
Class Delivery
[University of Hyogo]
     Classes at University of Hyogo on high confident informatics will be given in Japanese or English. CMU classes will be given in English by the faculty at University of Hyogo who are the adjunct faculty of CMU. Some lectures are given via video teleconference from CMU.
[Carnegie Mellon University]
     Classes are conducted directly by the faculty of Carnegie Mellon University in English.
Required Credits
[University of Hyogo]
     More than 30 credits in total (core courses: 12 or more (made up by fundamental: 8 or more and advanced: 4 or more); major courses: 14 or more) and students must pass the defense of their Master’s thesis.
*Up to 10 credits obtained at CMU can be included
[Carnegie Mellon University]
     More than 144 units in total (Core Course Requirements: 60; Electives: 48; MSIT-IS Project: 36)
*Three units at CMU are equivalent to a credit at University of Hyogo.
Admission Requirements
Bachelor’s degree (before March, 2015)
Successful completion of introductory-level undergraduate computer science or information technology course*
Demonstrated analytical ability, including successful completion of undergraduate probability or statistics courses*
English proficiency for graduate education (non-native English speakers only)
Items (2) & (3) can be compensated by appropriate professional/industrial experience.
Application Documents to be submitted
Documents to be submitted via the online application system (
Completed Application Form (In English)
Resume (Describe your professional/industrial experience in English)
Three letters of recommendation (In English)
Statement of Purpose (1000 words in English)
Official copy of TOEFL score
Official copy of GRE General score
Documents to be submitted in hard copy
Completed Application Form (In Japanese or English)
Certificate of graduation or expected graduation (In English)
Sealed transcripts for all colleges and universities attended (In English)
Photocopy of TOEFL score
Photocopy of GRE General score
For formats and other questions, please contact University of Hyogo. The contact information is shown below.
Application Fee
  [University of Hyogo]
Please send or bring a money order for the amount of ¥30,000 issued by the Japan Post Bank in and after August, 2014.Keep the money order as it was issued, and do not write anything on it.
Applicants from outside of Japan who cannot get a money order, please inquire for an alternative way of payment at or
[Carnegie Mellon University]
Please prepare a money order, cashier’s check or personal check issued by a U.S. bank and made payable to Carnegie Mellon University and send it to the Information Networking Institute, Carnegie Mellon University.
  Mailing address: Information Networking Institute
Admissions Committee
Carnegie Mellon University
4616 Henry Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890 USA
Application Period (no extension)
  December 1, 2014 (Mon.) — January 6, 2015 (Tue.)
Admission Decision
  February 2, 2015 (Mon.)
Program Start Date
  April 7, 2015 (Tue.) (tentative)
Tuition Fee (subject to change)
  [University of Hyogo]
     Admission fee: ¥282,000 or ¥423,000
Tuition fee: ¥267,900 /semester (¥535,800/ year)
  [Carnegie Mellon University](In the case of the 2014 new student)
     Registration fee: US$100 (at enrollment)
Tuition fee: US$20,500 /semester (US$61,500 /year)
Other fees and costs: about US$1,800 /year
To finish the Dual-Degree Program, students are required to pay the total amount above.
Binational Location
  Students attending the Dual-Degree Program from April 2015 will study from April to December 2015 and January to March 2017 at University of Hyogo (Kobe).
From January to December 2016 (three semesters from the spring semester) at Carnegie Mellon University.
You must obtain a US visa before going to Carnegie Mellon University.
*The details will be announced after admission.
Contact/Send application documents to:
Graduate School of Applied Informatics, University of Hyogo
Computer Science Center Building
7-1-28 Minatojima-minami-machi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, 650-0047
Tel: 81-78-303-1901
Fax: 81-78-303-2700

Click here for the relevant website of Carnegie Mellon University.

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