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Carnegie Mellon CyLab Japan Information Security Seminar

Friday April 13, 2007: Prof. Lynn Carter and Ms. Lakshmi Hari from Carnegie Mellon University, Qatar Campus, introduced one of the most crucial concepts, “Predictability” within the context of Secured System Development at CyLab Japan.

Seminar Details

1 Date&Time

April 13, 2007(Friday) 13:30-16:00

2 Location

Carnegie Mellon CyLab Japan, KHB001
KobeHarborlandCenterBuilding 17F
1-3-3 Higashikawasaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0044

3 Presentation Details
Presentation 1 :
“A Foundation for Predictably Secure Systems”
Dr. Lynn Robert Carter

Principal Fellow
Associate Teaching Professor
Institute for Software Research International
Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar
The development of large and complex computer systems took a significant step forward with the advent of "programming in the large" concepts. The construction of bridges, building, and other physical structures introduced us to the concepts of architecture, but early efforts to leverage those ideas into the software realm were not particularly successful. In the last fifteen years, considerable progress toward the dream of software architectures has taken place and the work of the researchers at CMU (including the Software Engineering Institute) has produced a helpful way of thinking about the work of a software architecture and the nature of software architectures. Experience has shown, however, that the time from the invention of a significant technology change to broad use in the community is usually measured in years to decades rather than months to years. This talk builds upon architecture work from the SEI by explicitly adding security to the set of quality attributes at the heart of the system architecture, blends in notions from the Personal Software Process (PSP) and the Team Software Process (TSP), and then finishes with consideration of the issue of introducing this new "technology" to a world that is in desperate need for better and more secure systems.
Bioschatch of the speaker:
Lynn Robert Carter, Ph.D. has been a senior researcher and educator at Carnegie Mellon University for seventeen years. He spent the past five years at Carnegie Mellon West teaching Software Engineering and Software Engineering Management courses at the graduate level. Before that, he spent 12 years at the Software Engineering Institute and worked for 17 years in industrial software development and research work at Tektronix, Motorola, GenRad, and two start-up companies. He started teaching programming at Portland State University in 1971 and has taught at Pacific University, University of Portland, University of Colorado, Arizona State University and at Carnegie Mellon Distance Education program. He holds a BS and a MS in mathematics with specialization in computer science from Portland State University and a Ph.D. in computer science from University of Colorado at Boulder. He is currently a member of the Qatar campus with a focus on adding an undergraduate software engineering track and exploring opportunities for graduate and continuing education programs. He also is a member of Software Engineering Foundations.
Presentation 2 :

“Building a design for Secure Systems using Predictable Design Method”
Ms. Lakshmi Pratha Hari

Teaching Assistant, Institute for Software Research at the School of Computer Science of Carnegie Mellon University
Project Manager/Program Coordinator, MSIT Division of Indian Institute of Information Technology(IIIT) Hyderabad in India

In today's IT enabled environment, building a secure system has become a continual challenge to the development community. Building secure system is to develop the ability of a system to resist, tolerate, and recover from events that intentionally threaten its dependability. This ability is achieved by addressing the key attributes of the security and assessing the risks related to each from the inception through the deployment. Architecture and Design of any system is considered as one of the risk reduction technique for successful implementation, and it proves to be the same with respect to the security aspect of a system. This talk gives an overview of the key security attributes, the risks associated with each attribute, the critical architectural requirements that are to be considered from security aspect and the predictable design methods (shorthand notations in PPP Workshop, a course offered at CMU by Dr. Lynn Robert Carter) for designing these attributes, which is followed with an example of building design artifacts for secure systems using Predictable Design Methods.
4 Language: The talk will be given in English
5 Registration Fee Free of charge (Advanced registration is necessity.)

Seminar Pictures

Dr. Lynn Robert Carter

Ms. Lakshmi Pratha Hari


Carnegie Mellon CyLab Japan
(Hyogo Institute of Information Education Foundation)

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